Rimruna – Der Hatz entronnen (2017)


Hailing from Germany, today we have Black Metal duo Rimruna and their devastating sophomore release “Der Hatz entronnen”. Featuring over 55 minutes of soul crushing BM, this release is full of traditional elements perfectly executed to crate superbly evil and oppressing atmosphere. For fans of old Satyricon, Marduk, Immortal, this is one hell of a straight up traditional BM release.

After the traditional acoustic intro track, the band goes on full on war mode with the blast beats and incisive riffing of “Tor der Zeit”. The level of rawness and brutality is quite astounding as this track needs nothing else than the traditional instrument core to be icy and demoralizing. Having that certain old-school Black’n’Roll-ish vibe, “Wirren” continues the onslaught with more intense riffing and the demonic vocals, both courtesy of Wintergrimm. This track also features some fine slower and darker passages.

Reaching the half-way mark we have the blistering album’s title track, delivering 12 minutes of sheer raw brutality. This song is definitely the most intense of the album, filled with hellish drumming and incisive guitar riffs. It also has some magical tempo changes that break up the monotony and keep the listener on its toes. Closing with the crafty “In Ewigkeit versunken”, the band leaves us quite impressed by their level of musicianship and expert songwriting skills.

With all five main songs clocking over 10-minutes each, this two-man batallion has managed to craft truly unique songs that are quite intense and yet effective and proficient while not sounding the same. Highly recommended for fans of straight up old-school Black Metal without any extra elements, “Der Hatz entronnen” is certainly an album that should be part of your collection.

Band: Rimruna Album: Der Hatz entronnen

Label: Naturmacht Productions

Release: June 25th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 90/100

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