Vintersorg – Till fjälls, del II (2017)


Only a few bands manage to write a follow-up to a legendary album and succeed at it. Today we have Vintersorg blowing people away with their follow-up of the seminal “Till fjälls”. In this double release, the band unleashes over 75 minutes of classic Vintersorg music that will never leave your record player for the remainder of the year (possibly a few years). Going back to the basics, this is one release you can’t miss.

The album sets the tone with the intense opener “Jökelväktaren”, filled with soaring vocal arrangements and uber catchy guitar work, this perfectly sets the mood for what is to come. For any fan of Vintersorg, the brilliant combination of epic clean vocals and harsh vocals is one of the best features of their releases, particularly in epic tracks like “En väldig isvidds karga dräkt” and the crushing “Fjällets mäktiga mur”.

With such a lively mixture of Viking/Folk/Progressive Metal elements, we can always find time to furiously headbang and have epic sing-along passages all within minutes of each other in epic tunes like our personal favorite “Obygdens pionjär” and the playful “Allt mellan himmel och jord”. The second CD of this release brings more legendary tunes, like the moody “Tillbaka till källorna” and its crafty tempo changes.

For those wanting the band at its heaviest, passages of “Portalen” are quite intense, and brilliantly arranged between atmospheric elements. The folky closer “Svart mane” is yet another quintessential Vintersorg track that is both lush and emotive. Overall, “Till fjälls, del II” is definitely one of the best releases of 2017, and another stellar highlight in the band’s storied career. If you like Vintersorg, you will not be disappointed by such a bold follow-up release.

Band: Vintersorg Album: Till fjälls, del II

Label: Napalm Records

Release: June 30th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Viking/Folk/Progressive Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 94/100

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