The Chant – Approacher (2017)


Being huge fans of moody and atmospheric music, today we are quite pleased with the return EP of Finalnd’s The Chant, titled “Approacher”. Delivering four brilliant tracks, this release is for highly melancholic people that love bands like Anathema, The Gathering, The Man-Eating Tree and Katatonia. Filled with raw emotion, this is one of those releases that will captivate you from start to end.

Kicking off the release with “Unsolved”, Ilpo Paasela’s vocals are instantly recognizable as they emerge through the atmospheric keyboards. The track nicely builds up and sometimes reminds us of bands like Lacrimas Profundere and To/Die/For but a bit less Gothic. Things turn a bit into Industrial territories with the sinister “To Surrender”, a piece that showcases the band’s versatility and range.

The ethereal playful atmospherics of the album’s title track make it one of the best songs in this release, thanks to the well-defined pace and emotional cathartic closing. Saving the best for last, “To Be Seen” is our favorite track as it feels very Post-Rock-inspired, but features strong soaring lead vocals and very crafty arrangements.

Overall, with a perfect production and a very dramatic sound, “Approacher” is a very nice release by The Chant. The band shows us a peak of what is to come in the future and things are looking quite promising. If you like atmospheric Rock music, this is certainly one EP you can’t miss in 2017.

Band: The Chant Album: Approacher

Label: LifeForce Records

Release: June 23rd, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Atmospheric Rock

Country: Finland

Rating: 89/100

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