Origin – Unparalleled Universe (2017)


Delivering one of the craftiest exercises in brutality, today we have Origin and their latest full-length release “Unparalleled Universe”. As the band’s 7th release, this album is filled with over 40 minutes of highly technical and extremely brutal Death Metal that never gets dull and hits hard from start to end. Not for the faint of heart, this release will leave your eardrums rattling for a couple of days.

The release kicks off with the intricate guitar work of “Infinitesimal to the Infinite”, a song that instantly sets a very hectic mood and showcases some of the most intense drumming of 2017. This mood and approach bleeds into the onslaughts brought forth by “Accident and Error” and “Cascading Failures, Diminishing Returns”. Band’s drummer, John Longstreth, is definitely a beast behind the kit providing some of the most intense and intricate drum patterns in the genre.

With brutally immersive songs likes “Mithridatic” and “Truthslayer”, the band’s three vocalist pronged approach with Jason Keyser leading the pack and Paul Ryan and Mike Flores providing backing, delivers brilliantly sinister combinations that crush the opposition. For those of us that also like more traditional Death Metal, the band showcases their true musical core on slower tracks like “Invariance Under Transformation”, were we can calmly head bang without fearing neck injuries.

The album winds down with the punishing “Unequivocal”, the longest and most intricate track in this release and the killer Brujeria cover “Revolucion”. After such a brutal journey, the listener with definitely be hooked and will instantly play the album again. Overall, “Unparalleled Universe” continues to show that Origin is definitely one of the most brutal and technically proficient bands in the world and they show no signs of slowing down. If you like brutality and complexity, this is definitely the release for you.

Band: Origin Album: Unparalleled Universe

Label: Agonia Records

Release: June 30th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Technical Brutal Death Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 91/100

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