Into the Arcane – Het Verlangen Der Geest (2017)


Featuring a very old-school Death/Doom vibe, today we have Into the Arcane and their debut EP titled “Het Verlangen Der Geest”. Delivering four tracks that will appeal to fans of Winter, Etherial Winds, and Phlebotomized, this music is for the old-school lovers of Doomy Death Metal bands with atmospheric elements.

The album opens with the crafty “The Glass King” and its very melodic guitar work. This very catchy song is very rudimentary, but gets the job done as it brings back that old-school vibe that the scene has been missing since the late 90’s early 00’s. “The Innocent Hunter” brings a more atmospheric side to the mix with some very interesting piano sections and brilliant tempo changes. The band further explores their Doomy side and creates a very emotional track filled with masterful guitar leads.

Starting with the throbbing bass guitar, “What Lies Beneath the Shroud” delivers even more catchy riffs and a certain vibe that reminds us of Amorphis and their “Karelian Isthmus” days. The firm growls perfectly round things up and command the attention needed. The album closes with the energetic “The Skumber of Man” which skirts more on Death Metal territories but has a few powerful riffs that say otherwise.

Overall, “Het Verlangen Der Geest” is quite an interesting release filled with catchy songs and a very retro vibe that is quite close to our heart. While the Death/Doom Metal scene has evolved completely differently than this path, it will be quite interesting to see how the band delivers a proper full-length debut filled with this type of music, or how they evolve to something more unique that defines them.

Band: Into the Arcane Album: Het Verlangen Der Geest

Label: Vic Records

Release: June 14th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Death/Doom Metal

Country: Netherlands

Rating: 82/100

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