Svartsyn – In Death (2017)


Hailing from Sweden, one-man battalion Svartsyn returns with a crushing and demoralizing release titled “In Death”. Featuring seven anthems of foul and deathly Black Metal, this release is as punishing as it gets. Delivering over 46 minutes of music, this release has a very oppressive vibe to it while leveling listeners with their violent riffing and hellish vocals. If you like dark and sinister BM from bands like Weapon, Watain, Nightbringer, etc., this is the album for you.

The album kicks off with the ravaging intensity of “Sevenheaded Snake”, where the band’s sole member Ornias showcases great intensity and brutality. After such an onslaught, we move into more atmospheric territories with the chilling “Dark Prophet”, a very well-paced piece that oozes that brilliant Scandinavian Black Metal vibe. Bringing back the intense pace, “With Death” is one of our favorite tracks in this release thanks to the relentless drumming of guest Hammerman and the sickening tempo to it.

Being the band’s eight full-length release, their sound is quite clear and well-defined, which main purpose is to level everything on its path, as we can hear in the ravaging melodic riffing of “The White Mask”. As the band levels through “Wilderness of the Soul” and “Black Thrones of Death” we are quite impressed with the palpable difference between songs, making them unique and never sounding repetitive or unimaginative.

Closing the release with the eerie “Exile in Death”, we are sent off with yet another display of violence and mastery of the genre by Svartsyn. Keeping things traditional and straightforward allows “In Death” to be one hell of a release that is quite relentless and pummeling. Highly recommended for fans of Watain, Arkanum, Taake, etc., this release will blow your expectations away.

Band: Svartsyn Album: In Death

Label: Agonia Records

Release: June 9th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 91/100

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