Æra – Of Forsworn Vows (2017)


Featuring a very unique mixture of elements, today we have Æra and their debut EP titled “Of Forsworn Vows”. Combining elements from 90’s Black Metal with more modern Pagan Metal elements, this release unleashes over 20 minutes of highly addictive music that is quite epic and engaging. For fans of bands like Borknagar and early Emperor to outfits like Thyrfing, this release will certainly fit very well on your collection.

Opening with the powerful atmospheric elements of “An Affirmation of Forsworn Vows”, the band makes a bit splash with tense keyboards and a very melodic core. The riffing reminds us of bands like Falkenbach, which is straightforward but very melodic in nature. The vocals are quite fitting and add that extra layer of power to this impressive song as it weaves back and forth between different tempos.

Keeping the momentum going, the Borknagar-esque “Litany of Iron” creates a more sinister mood, with some old-school 90’s BM sections that remind us of early Emperor. Perfectly blending a more raw and savage style with lush atmospheric elements, this track is quite unique. The album closes with the raw intensity of “        Die Wulvsära (Am Ende der Zeit)”, a track that showcases a heavier Black Metal side of the band with intense drumming and dramatic guitar work.

In general, “Of Forsworn Vows” is a rare Black Metal release these days in the sense that it evokes the feeling of 90’s BM with more recent atmospheric influences. While short in length, this release provides a very powerful introduction to this very promising musical duo. If you like your Black Metal traditional and yet a bit edgy with more melodic and atmospheric elements, this is the release to get in July.

Band: Æra Album: Of Forsworn Vows

Label: De Tenebrarum Principio / ATMF

Release: July 7th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Pagan / Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: International

Rating: 91/100

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