Moonaadem – Moonaadem (2017)


Arriving all the way from Lebanon, today we have one-man project Moonaadem and their self-titled debut release. Featuring seven tracks of very well crafted Atmospheric Black Metal, this release is filled with raw misery and solemn music that will crush your spirits and soul. Staying away from the clichés of the genre, and avoiding sounding like everybody else, this outfit keeps things very dark and melancholic for over 25 minutes.

Starting with “Multivers”, the album sets a very sinister mood with a mid-paced Black Metal piece that is quite engaging. Blending atmospheric elements with traditional riffs allows this track to have that certain BM-vibe, while further expanding its effect with an eerie atmosphere. The punishing “Pleine Lune”, is one of the best tracks in this release with its very melodic approach and furious intensity. This is masterfully contrasted by dreamy atmospherics and violent BM shrieks, leading to trippy passages.

Switching things up a bit, “Malaise Astral” delivers very interesting clean vocal arrangements in a very melancholic piece. This perfectly leads up to the mellow pace of “Désillusion” and its slow progression. This track moves a bit into Post-Black Metal territories while still retaining the band’s more ‘old-school’ BM approach. Another personal favorite has to be the powerful “Désolation et folie noire” and its bleak desolate riffs. The catchiness of “D'une existence mourante” changes the pace again with a more melodic and ‘traditional’ piece that will haunt you for days.

Before you even know it, the album comes to an end with the bleak atmosphere of “Marche funèbre pour la mort de la Terre”. Overall, Moonaadem has managed to compile tons of influences into a very cohesive sound that does not quite sound like everybody else. Going back and forth between punishing Black Metal and dreamy atmospherics allows this release to be quite diverse and entertaining. If you are looking for some Atmospheric Black Metal to crave your needs, this is one of the most interesting releases in the genre, in 2017.

Band: Moonaadem Album: Moonaadem

Label: Unsigned

Release: June 15th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: Lebanon

Rating: 85/100

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