Sollertia – Light (2017)


Featuring the highly distinctive vocals of James Fogarty of Ewigkeit and In the Woods… fame, today we have Sollertia and their debut release “Light”. Playing a very unique mixture of Progressive Doom/Gothic Metal with Dark Metal elements, this release is pretty hard to pin down, but very effective in creating unique songs that are quite engaging. For fans of uniquely dark music, this album provides over 55 minutes of mysterious music that is very enjoyable and it is full of surprises.

After the warm-up intro, this trio sets a somber mood with the melancholic Gothic vibe of “Abstract Object Theory”. The music is quite mellow and very well paced, allowing James Fogarty’s talented vocals to shine. Providing contrasting harsh vocals on a few tracks, Vanja Obscure does a pretty solid job in shaking things up with her shrieks, changing the pace of songs like “Pascal’s Wager”, “The Devil’s Seethe” and “Positive Disintegration”.

Handling all instruments and the songwriting, VoA VoXyD manages to create very interesting tracks that have a certain old-school vibe and a very retro production, not sounding overly polished. This can be heard in darkly majestic tracks like “Enter the Light Eternal”, which reminds us of stuff released in the late 90’s on Holy Records, specifically like Yearning and similar outfits. Our personal favorite song has to be the epic “Mathematical Universe Hypothesis”, which combines geeking out about math and some killer vocal arrangements.

While all songs are quite unique and very well crafted, we still find it hard to find cohesion in this release. Sollertia definitely has a unique sound, but seems like it needs to be further refined to span across songs and not just deliver crafty and unique disconnected tracks. If you like Dark Metal and Progressive Gothic/Doom Metal and loved bands like Decoryah, (old) Pyogenesis, etc, you will definitely enjoy this release.

Band: Sollertia Album: Light

Label: Apathia Records

Release: May 19th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Progressive Doom/Gothic Metal / Dark Metal

Country: International

Rating: 85/100

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