Gravetemple – Impassable Fears (2017)


Delivering one of the most decadent aural assaults of the year, today we have super group Gravetemple and their sophomore full-length release “Impassable Fears”. Featuring luminaries like Stephen O’Malley, Oren Ambarchi, Attila Csihar, and Matt Sanders, this super-band’s experimental Drone/Doom will leave your ears ringing and claiming for more. Filled with punishing riffs, trippy Drone elements and completely haunting vocals, this release will certainly catch you by surprise.

Opening with the track “A Szarka”, the band sets a very dissonant mood with funky percussions and heavily distorted guitars leading the way for Attila’s sickening vocals. Thing continue on a downward spiral as the superbly creepy “Elavúlt Földbolygó” arrives with its Event Horizon-like vocals and a very unsettling pace. Brilliantly crafting at atmosphere of anxiety and discomfort, in two tracks, Gravetemple has full control of the listener’s psyche.

After the interlude track “Domino”, the release takes a bit of a different turn with the futuristic opening of “Áthatolhatatlan Félelmek”. This track takes a heavier Drone/Doom direction with relentless riffing until its conclusion. Saving the creepiest for last “Az Örök Végtelen Üresség”, is an eerie instrumental piece that will release the listener back in to the real world after such a harrowing experience.

Overall, “Impassable Fears” is one creepy and downright dissonant release. It perfectly showcases the underlying musician’s expertise in crafting unique and completely punishing music that the listener will greatly enjoy. If you like Droony Doom and experimental vocals, this is definitely right up your alley.

Band: Gravetemple Album: Impassable Fears

Label: Svart Records

Release: June 2nd, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Experimental Drone/Doom

Country: International

Rating: 88/100

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