Argus Megere – VEII (2017)


Featuring current and past members of bands like Negură Bunget, Din Bard, and Dordeduh, Argus Megere delivers a very interesting full-length release titled “VEII”. With some clear Negură Bunget/Dordeduh influences, the band’s atmospheric Black Metal is top notch and for over 40 minutes transports the listeners into unique soundscapes.

Opening with “Carul cerului” the mood is slowly being set with distorted guitars and a very ritualistic atmospheric progression. This progression slowly leads to harsh BM-style vocals and very lively guitar work that crafts a unique and distinctive style for the band. Keeping the atmosphere going, we have a very chilling opening to “Tronul celui ce stă de strajă” which suddenly leads to harsh Black Metal passages and very magical keyboard arrangements. The clean vocal sections are quite well introduced and nicely boost the level of epicness of the song.

With each song clocking at around 10-minutes each, the band does a brilliant job in crafting intricate songs that feature a wide variety of influences and elements that will appeal to the listeners while keeping them enshrouded in the band’s atmospheric aura. A perfect example of this is the energetic opening of “Umbre în piatră apuse” which slowly shifts gears into more mysterious and atmospheric pursuits as well as some killer guitar leads.

Saving the best for last, the band unleashes “Tabla” to close the release on a high note. Filled with brilliant melodic passages and lush vocal arrangements, this track is a solid testament as to why you should keep an eye out for Argus Megere. Overall, “VEII” is a superb release filled with atmospheric brilliance and some eerie passages. If you like Black Metal that pushes the boundaries and keeps things melodic and atmospheric, then be sure to check out this release.

Band: Argus Megere Album: VEII

Label: Loud Rage Music

Release: April 14th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Romania

Rating: 90/100

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