Project Nightscape – To Sin against our Mercies (2016)


As one of the most unique and diverse releases we received in the last few months, today we have Project Nightscape and their 13-track opus “To Sin against our Mercies”. In a similar fashion than Ayreon and Beto Vazquez Infinity, this album is a concept release and features a very wide variety of musicians allowing for very diverse styles to be played. Mostly varying between Progressive Rock/Metal, this release has very memorable tracks that are quite catchy and expertly crafted.

With the lyrical/story concept crafted by David W. Edwards and the guitar work crafted by other than Tony Gaglio, this release opens with the hard rocking “(Living in) Sacred Time” and the Heavy Metal anthem “Only Reason”. Continuing the album’s story after an interlude, we have proggy Rush-like “Now Silence!” and the ballad-esque “Inmortuorum Memorias”. As you could tell, the music varies from track to track but the songs are very well aligned to match the album’s lyrical progression.

One of our favorite songs in this release has to be the very melancholic “To Sin Against Our Mercies” with its very mellow pace, lush string arrangements and subtle guitar leads. The band’s musical versatility is top notch and will keep you always wondering what else will be incorporated to their rich sound. Reminding us to old-Scholl Black Sabbath meets Lita Ford, “Hard Drift” is one of those songs that will get you pumped on the way to work.

Saving the best and most dramatic for last “Starlost” is a 10-minute epic track filled with melodic brilliance crafted via soaring Power Metal-ish vocals and lush classical arrangements. This track serves as the perfect closer to a very diverse and engaging release that while not as flashy as albums by Ayreon or Beto Vazquez, it does a great job in delivering an epic story through music. If you like diverse and theatrical music, this should definitely be in your collection.

Band: Project Nightscape Album: To Sin against our Mercies

Label: Imperiad Entertainment

Release: December 9th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Experimental Black/Doom Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 88/100

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