Sabbath Assembly - Rites of Passage (2017)


Continuing their evolution from their earlier concept and musical direction, today we have Sabbath Assembly and their very unique “Rites of Passage” full-length release. Fully settling into their Doomy Psychedelic style, the band forges a very engaging sound that clearly identifies them from the rest and delivers over 44 minutes of intoxicating music.

Opening with the fuzzy bass guitar line of “Shadows of Revenge”, the band instantly immerses the listener into their own unique world. Led by Jamie Myers on vocals, this album sets a very lively tone with a upbeat tempo and solid guitar riffs. Showcasing their versatility, “Angels Trumpets” takes a bit of a different approach, creating a very delirious piece with multiple overlaid vocals and a very disturbing and eerie chaotic vibe.

Things continue in the usual mysterious nature of Sabbath Assembly’s music with dreamy tracks like “Does Love Die” and “Twilight of God”, while others keep things a bit more intense like “I Must Be Gone”. With Kevin Hufnagel and Johnny DeBlase fully settled into the band, the new addition of Ron Varod gives them extra creativity on the guitar department, and it shows in more experimental and playful pieces like “Seven Sermons to the Dead”.

Closing with the gloomy “The Bride of Darkness”, Sabbath Assembly has managed to deliver another brilliant release and further refined their already unique sound. Filled with powerful riffs and playful guitar passages, this release provides a good mixture of fuzzy and warm Psychedelic elements with heavier Doomy riffs and enchanting vocals. Not disappointing their fans, this release is a very good addition to the band’s illustrious career.

Band: Sabbath Assembly Album: Rites of Passage

Label: Svart Records

Release: May 12th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Psychedelic Rock / Doom Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 89/100

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