When Icarus Falls – Resilience (2017)


It has been three years since the band unleashed “Circles” and we are glad they are back with their latest opus “Resilience”. Featuring nearly 40 minutes of suspenseful and engaging cinematic Post-Metal, this release does a great job in delivering a wide variety of moods while immersing the listener’s in the band’s craftiness. While not your run-of-the-mill Post-Metal release, you can clearly see the Neurosis/Amenra influences, but When Icarus Falls makes them their own and delivers another solid effort with this ones.

Opening with the hypnotic “One Last Stand”, we have a very intricate build up that is quite mellow and yet creates enough tension to keep the listener fully engaged. The clean vocals add that extra level of anxiety to the track as the tempo increases, making it quite a unique ad engaging experience. Things get more intense with the pulsating bass guitar line of “Into the Storm”, which slowly continues to get more playful as the track reaches achieves catharsis with harsh vocals and a very climactic ending.

Continuing the album’s progression, “The Lighthouse” delivers a perfectly balance mix of momentum building riffs and atmospheric/cinematic elements, making this song quite engaging and diverse. Again, the use of spoken vocals adds a certain element of urgency that makes the song more effective. The album title track pulls back the intensity a bit to deliver a very dreamy piece that is full of melancholy, crafty drumming, and Post-rocky guitar work.

The album comes full circle with the emotionally draining “A Blue Light”, a very well-crafted song that brings together all the highlights of the first few tracks and provides a brilliant catharsis to this intense release. As in the part When Icarus Falls continues to improve with more elaborate buildups and cleaner songwriting chops in “Resilience”. The band’s creativity is unquestionable and will surely be appreciate by any fan of the genre, so be sure to check them out.

Band: When Icarus Falls Album: Resilience

Label: Czar of Crickets

Release: April 21st, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Post-Metal

Country: Switzerland

Rating: 91/100

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