Slagmaur – Thill Smitts Terror (2017)


After eight years in the making, we finally get the return of Norway’s Slagmaur and their unique take on Black Metal. With “Thill Smitts Terror” the band delivers over 45 minutes of truly bizarre and disturbing music that will fully immerse the listener into the band’s own deranged world. If you like bands like Diabolos Rising and Mysticum, but want an extra touch of madness, this band has you covered.

With “Innferd” setting up a very dark and somber mood, “Drummer of Tedworth” is the first creepy Industrial-influence piece that truly showcases Slagmaur’s weirdness. Perfectly juxtaposing sinister riffs and Industrial percussions, they create a very sickening and truly immersive atmospheric experience. The band’s oppressive atmosphere is nicely continued in the punishing track “Werewolf”, one of the heaviest and busiest tracks in this release.

One of our favorites is the superbly catchy “Bestemor sang Djevelord”, which sounds like a Black’n’Roll track played with a completely different distortion setting and with Industrial percussions. The monumental “Hekseskritt og Djevelritt” delivers very thick atmospheric riffs and highly interesting vocal arrangements, making you believe this song is the soundtrack of hell.

Keeping things interesting and fresh, “Ja vi elsker dette landet” as an extra layer of weirdness to the mix, creating a very captivating and bone chilling experience. Slagmaur does a great job in crafting very unique songs with simple percussions and very aurally abusive guitar distortions. Overall, “Thill Smitts Terror” is a very oppressive release that since the first track it immerses you into a very hellish and sick musical underworld. If you think you have heard weird and punishing before, this release will re-define that experience for you.

Band: Slagmaur Album: Thill Smitts Terror

Label: Osmose Productions

Release: March 31st, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Avant-garde Black Metal / Industrial Black Metal

Country: Norway

Rating: 93/100

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