Ande – Het Gebeente (2017)


Hailing from Belgium, today we have one-man band Ande and his sophomore release “Het Gebeente”. Swiftly continuing where the debut release, “Licht”, left off, this album delivers over 37 minutes of Burzum-esque Black Metal that should not be missed.

Setting the mood with the traditional intro track, Ande gets down to business with the raw riffing of  “Argwaan”, a song that instantly reminds us of late 90’s Black Metal. Handling all the instruments, Jim does a pretty solid job in crafting intricate songs that capture both rawness and playful melodies that keep things fresh, like on “Gebukt” and “Oud en Vet”. This last song also has some kick-ass Black’n’Roll influences that will make you think of Vreid and similar outfits.

The album continues to evolve with tracks like “Leeg”, which feature a solid balance between furious riffs, hectic drumming and creepy atmospheric passages. We particularly love this tracks and its very melodic progression which instantly leads to proactive headbanging. Closing with the purely atmospheric “Uittrede”, the album comes full circle with an eerie track that will creep out the uninitiated.

As a whole, “Het Gebeente” is a solid follow-up from Ande. This release is full of rawness and atmosphere that one expects from Ande, and it also pays tribute to the 90’s Black Metal bands that many people grew up with. If you are into older Burzum, Darkthrone, Satyricon and also like some atmospherics thrown into the mix, be sure to check out this album.

Band: Ande Album: Het Gebeente

Label: Self-Released

Release: January 7th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: Belgium

Rating: 88/100

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