Lelahell – Al Insane​.​.​. The (Re​)​Birth of Abderrahmane  (2014)


Unleashing one of the most brutal releases to ever come out of Algeria, today we have Lelahell and their debut full-length release “Al Insane... The (Re)Birth of Abderrahmane”. Clocking in at around 40 minutes of music, this album is both savage and demoralizing. Elevating Death Metal to its most brutal shape, anybody will surely be blow away and rendered unconscious with such a vicious onslaught of senseless brutality.

Wasting no time after the intro track, “Al Intissar” comes at you like a bag of bricks to the face. The riffing is pummeling and energetic, while the drumming is just out of this world with a its blistering double kick sections. The band continues their onslaught with the sheer brutality of “Voices Revealed” and “Kalimet Essir”, both tracks feature a perfect balance of punishing drumming and very prominent harsh vocals. The band at times reminds us of outfits like Nile and Melechesh with some Cannibal Corpse and Six Feet under sprinkled on top.

After moshing to “Hypnose” and coming down with the interlude “Imzad”, the band preps up another brutal dose of their hectic music with “Am I in Hell?” and “Hillal”. What is most impressive in this release is the fact that Lelahell manages to escalate the brutality to unrivaled territories while avoiding any of the modern Deathcore pitfalls, keeping their sound true and timeless.

Closing the album with yet another headbanging/moshing anthem with “Mizmar”, the band leaves on a very high note with their crystal clear sound and brutal disposition. “Al Insane​.​.​. The (Re​)​Birth of Abderrahmane” is one hell of a release that should be known by all fans of well-crafted extreme music. If you like Death Metal with brilliant production values and monstrous drums, this is certainly a release you will enjoy.

Band: Lelahell Album: Al Insane​.​.​. The (Re​)​Birth of Abderrahmane

Label: Horror Gore Pain Death Productions

Release: August 5th, 2014

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Death Metal

Country: Algeria

Rating: 89/100

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