Patria – Magna Adversia (2017)


Delivering one of the most devastating Black Metal releases of 2017, today we have Patria and their latest full-length release “Magna Adversia”. Released via Soulseller Records, this album is no slouch as it delivers some of the finest Black Metal we have heard in quite a while. As an added bonus, the legendary Asgeir Mickelson plays the drums and it was produced by none other than Øystein Garnes Brun. If you are a follower of the genre, you can’t afford to miss out on this one.

Opening with the pummeling riffing of “Infidels”, the band casts a brilliant spell with their ravaging music and high-octane energy. Things turn Black’n’roll-ish with the super catchy “Axis”, a song that reminds us of Vreid and similar outfits. As the band pummels through tracks like “Heartless”, “A Two-Way Path” and “Communion”, we are quite impressed with their versatility and their influences ranging from catchy Black Metal like Satyricon to the more brutal and speedy sections of outfits like Dark Funeral.

The two-piece behind Patria is formed by Triumphsword handling all the vocals, which are pretty energetic and typical of the genre, and by Mantus handling all instruments and doing a killer job at is as we hear in the superbly engaging “Arsonits”. The drums are quite tight and very well crafted, and Asgeir just nails them to perfection as you can hear in the very powerful and melodic passages of “The Oath”.

Closing the release with the energetic “Porcelain Idols” and a dreamy atmospheric piece, the band leaves us on a very high note. We are quite impressed with how Patria manages to keep things brutal but also very engaging and fresh. If you like Black Metal that is not linear and keeps things interesting with a wide variety of elements paired with brilliant musicianship, look no further and get a copy of this killer release.

Band: Patria Album: Magna Adversia

Label: Soulseller Records

Release: March 3rd, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Brazil

Rating: 91/100

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