Trollech – Jasmuz (2010)


All the way from the Czech Republic, today we get Trollech presenting their latest release “Jasmuz”. The band self-labels their music style as “Forest Pagan Black Metal” but we prefer Pagan Metal to sound less pretentious. We review quite a few Pagan/Viking Metal albums every year, and this 2010 we have to say the best so far is Trollech’s “Jasmuz”.

“Jasmuz” like we mentioned is a very solid release that features every single element that makes a great Pagan Metal album. But it’s an extra element in this release that made us deduct several points from our score, some terrible vocals that sound like a troll getting raped by a bear, or something like that. In the first song “Moudrost Kovare” they stick out like a sweater on the beach. And most people will stop listening to this album after they hear them.

However, we managed to pull through the first song that has these terrible ‘sounds’ (will not even consider them vocals), and we found eight very well crafted songs that put together a brilliant album in “Jasmuz”.  All the elements we can expect from a Pagan Metal release are here, the fast-paced Black Metal like riffing and restless drumming, the use of several vocal styles (from growls to shrieks to clean vocals, to the annoying ‘sound’), and the use of acoustic folk-ish passages to adorn some parts of the songs.

Good thing the annoying sound is not used too much in this release and we are left with very well composed songs that feature a wide variety of styles mixed within them, but never loosing Trollech’s core Black Metal sound. The guitar riffs are very diverse something standard in catchy Pagan Metal releases, the solos are also very good and give the music that extra melodic aspect when used.

The drumming, like we mentioned is very fast-paced and it never gets dull, something we find hard to get with Pagan Metal releases that turn into snore-fests after a few songs. The overall production of “Jasmuz” is top notch, allowing all instruments to sound greatly and the melody of the music is easily identified, even on the chaotic sections.

With all the lyrics in Czech, we have no idea what Trollech is really talking about, but with their good music, who cares! If you are looking for a new Pagan Metal band to add to your constant rotation of bands, look no further and give Trollech a chance. We expect more good music from this band and less of the annoying ‘sound/vocals’ in the future.

Band: Trollech Album: Jasmuz
Label: Ketzer Records

Release: March 1st, 2010

Official Site myspace
Genre: Pagan Metal

Country: Czech Republic

Rating: 85/100

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