Destinity – XI Reasons To See (2010)


The ever changing French band Destiny is back with a very complex and multi-faceted album that will surely be enjoyed by fans of different styles of Metal music. “XI Reasons To See” feature a wide variety of tracks that feature a healthy combination of Melodic Death Metal, Trash Metal and Modern Death Metal.

Some people might argue that this release has too much stuff going on to be fully appreciated, but we believe that one you give this album a few listens you will start to appreciate all the layering that Destiny has done. With a strong Melodic DM and Trash foundation we greatly enjoy this release.

The first thing that we noticed is the vocal layering in this release, similar to bands like Gojira and Darkane but with its own edge. With their seventh release, Destinity showcases why they are one of the top acts in the French Metal scene, and show that their musical abilities have no limits.

The guitar riffs are pretty solid and very diverse, something we usually look in a album, since we are sure that most people don’t want to listen to the same re-hashed riffs over and over through a release. The band’s axe men provide a nice sample of what the can do and how to create intricate guitar structures that will sound melodic, brutal, and catchy at the same time.

The keyboard atmospheres created for “XI Reasons To See” move this album into the Melodic DM territory seamlessly by keeping the aggressive guitar work on a more melodic scale. While the band is far away from their Melodic Black Metal days, you can still hear that the keyboards still feature some of these elements.

As far as production, “XI Reasons To See” is top notch. Showcasing every single element of the band’s music clearly and mixing them at the exact level where everything is appreciated as a whole. If you are looking for a multi-faceted album we strongly recommend you get “XI Reasons To See”, since it can’t get any better than this release.

Band: Destinity Album: XI Reasons To See
Label: Lifeforce Records

Release: March 2010

Official Site myspace
Genre: Black Metal

Country: France

Rating: 85/100

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