Silentium - Amortean (2009)

Silentium has been one of my favorite bands since they released their Infinita Plango Vulnera album, but I did not like Seducia at all. So I was a bit skeptical about this release, I think consistency is one thing that this band has lacked through out their carrer, since they release a very good album, and they follow it by a mediocre one.

Well let me tell you Amortean, is probably their best album up to date. While they have moved far from their gothic/doom metal sound from their earlier releases, this album feels in the same style than Sufferion.

The first few songs showcase Silentiums traditional sound and in fact are part of the overall album concept, however the last tracks of the album is what I liked the most of this album. I get the feeling that I’m watching a play in the theater (like in Sufferion), but the acting and the story are more engaging than in the previously mentioned album.

The classical instruments are very effective in enriching the overall concept and music of the album.
Riina Rinkinen vocals are a perfect fit for this album and clearly show that she is blending well with the all the other musicians that have been playing in the band since 1995 (she was added to the band in 2004).

In overall I really enjoyed this album since it’s fresh and very well recorded and written.

However I hope that the band keeps their efforts for their next release.

Band: Silentium Album: Amortean
Label: Dynamic Art Records Year: 2009
Official Site
Genre: Gothic Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 89/100

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