Windfaerer – Glory Bound (2009)


Today we find ourselves reviewing the 2 song demo of Windfaerer, an American band that plays a very interesting sounding Pagan/Folk Metal. And the only problem we find about this demo is that is too short.

The band hailing from New Jersey, has a very polished style and when they release their first full-length (which is on the works now) will surely take the scene by surprise. The songwriting for both songs is very well alternated with mid-tempo passages to blazing fast sections.

Comparisons to Moonsorrow and Wintersun are immediate since the band has a healthy combination of these legendary band’s elements. Having two tracks to fully judge this band is a bit premature, but if they release a full-length of the same quality, they will surely take the scene by surprise.

However, the length of this demo does allow us to say that the songs are well structured and that they sound like a band that has been doing this for many years. So based on this we can rest assured that the band has quality musicians in their ranks and that they have the right influences.

Featuring only 10 minutes of music, this demo will leave you craving for more. So be ready when this band unleashes their first full-length album and do not doubt on getting it.

Band: Windfaerer Album: Glory Bound
Label: Self-Released

Release: June 27th, 2009

Official Site myspace
Genre: Pagan/Folk Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 86/100

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