Hybrid Heaven - The Textures Of Spirits (2008)

There are several reasons why I label this as a demo: 1) The production quality is not very good, 2) The band is unsigned and 3) It’s limited to 200 copies. Setting this aside, this Mexican band plays a pretty decent trash/death metal with progressive elements. The vocals are the weakest element in this release.

The music however is pretty good for a first release from this band, they are clearly influenced by progressive music and they have enough skills to incorporate these influences in their songs.

This release is around 50 minutes long and the songs are very short, however they are not too repetitive or annoying and they do a good job at creating different rhythms in every song. 

The Textures Of Spirits is an entertaining release, and I hope the band keeps improving and soon enough they will be releasing better quality music.

A pretty solid first effort in my opinion and they can only improve from here, since the band members are good musicians and they just need to find their own sound as a band and keep building from there.

Band: Hybrid Heaven Demo: The Textures Of Spirits
Label: Unsigned Year: 2008
Official Site
Genre: Progressive Death Metal

Country: Mexico

Rating: 80/100

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