In Fear And Faith - Your World On Fire (2009)

While I’m usually pretty good at filtering out Metalcore / screamo bands but for some reason this band from the USA flew under my radar. Once I started listening to the album I decided to might as well finish listening to it and write a review for it.

I have to admit that many of these bands have very good guitarists and keyboard players. The whole concept and the singing just kill’s the mood for somebody that likes their metal to be… well metal.

While this release does feature very good guitar melodies very well accompanied by keyboard arrangements, when they go into the ‘let’s mosh’ rhythm changes they destroy their achievements. And also when the faggy singing starts I just want to kill my self.

I have nothing else to say about this album, just that if you like this type of music, you are in for a treat I guess, to me most of this bands sound the same.

Band: In Fear And Faith Album: Your World On Fire
Label: Rise Records Year: 2009
Official Site
Genre: Metalcore

Country: USA

Rating: 75/100

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