Ephel Duath - Through My Dog's Eyes (2009)

Well what can I say about this Italian, every time I pop in their music I’m in for an acid trip, or what I imagine one would be like. Through My Dog’s Eyes is yet in their crazy musical direction, now they sound more like Avant-garde jazz/metal than their earlier more ‘black metalish’ releases.

The whole concept of the album is clearly described in the title, and it perfectly matches the weird and chaotic sound of the band. While they are refining their instrument mixing skill, sometimes stuff just seems very out of place.

However this release is very good since it keeps you wondering what are you going to hear next, will it be another jazzy relaxation part?, or something faster and more metal oriented?, you will never now until you finishing listening to the album it self, and that is what makes this band in my opinion very unique and different.

It’s not like you can just mix different instruments and play whatever you can think of, Ephel Duath has mastered the skill of putting together songs that appear chaotic in nature, but their musical composition is very complex and designed this way.

Band: Ephel Duath Album: Through My Dog's Eyes
Label: Earache Year: 2009
Official Site
Genre: Avant-garde

Country: Italy

Rating: 87/100

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