Isole - Silent Ruins (2009)

This Swedish band was known as Forlon until 2005 when they switched names and apparently their luck changed since they released their first full length under this name in 2005. While I’m not a big fan of epic doom metal, this release packs 54 minutes of pretty solid music. Sometimes it reminds me of Solstice or even Candlemass, yes the band is this good, and this release better than their 2008 effort.

All songs have the low key, depressive sound that Isole has been crafting for so many years. However not all songs sound the same keeping the listener paying attention to this album since they pack good tempo changes and small guitar solos. The vocals are one of the best in the epic doom genre in my opinion since they capture the sound of the genre in a great way.

Like I mentioned before I like my doom metal, less ‘epic’ but I do have this album in my normal playlist, since it’s a very solid effort from Isole.

Band: Isole Album: Silent Ruins
Label: Napalm Records Year: 2009
Official Site
Genre: Epic Doom Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 88/100

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