Ablaze In Hatred - The Quietude Plains (2009)

Finland is clearly taking over the world of metal with some great quality bands in many different genres and Ablaze In Hatred is one of them. This band plays a brilliant doom metal that is full of melancholy through out the whole album.

I’ve been following this bands evolution since their 2005 demo, and they have not disappointed me in any of their releases. The Quietude Plains marks their maturity in making music by creating an album that has no flaws in any aspect of it. From beginning to end I can’t stop listening to it or even desiring that the current song playing is over.

The melancholic melodies perfectly mix with the growls as well as the keyboard overtones through out the songs. Also it’s worth mentioning that all songs have an unique sound to them making this album not like any typical doom metal album that can get to be monotonous at some point.

This is one of my top albums from 2009 so far, and hopefully this band will continue to release great quality albums like this one.

Band: Ablaze In Hatred Album: The Quietude Plains
Label: Firebox Records Year: 2009
Official Site
Genre: Doom Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 92/100

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