Norinian - Absent Seizure (2009)

When this demo starts, the first track provides almost 3 minutes of nothing, since it is only a few noises and that’s it. I fail to see how this sets the mood for the album.

This band labels themselves as black metal, however, the second track is an industrial type of song with some beats and deep vocals. At the same time, neither of the previous things is well realized and it just gets monotone and it’s easily forgotten.

This band seriously needs to either define their style or just stop playing, since the next 3 songs are just a weird mixture of different genres and ideas meshed together in 3 different songs. While Cacotopian Masses is a more ‘straight forward’ black metal song, and the last 2 are more industrial-based, they are still in a few words: pretty bad.

This release is not worthy of your time and you can easily skip and not miss a thing. This demo clearly explains why this band is unsigned and it will probably stay this way.

Band: Norinian Demo: Absent Seizure
Label: Unsigned Year: 2009
Official Site
Genre: Industrial / Black Metal

Country: Netherlands

Rating: 30/100

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