Obscura - Cosmogenesis (2009)

I’m very impressed with this band from Germany. Cosmogenesis is their second full length release in 7 years, and it’s great! I usually don’t go praising bands for nothing and I’m not easily impressed either, but this album is close to perfection.

The band, as their myspace page mentions, is a team of virtuoso musicians. Most of the time bands exaggerate on their pages, but in this case, the definition is dead on. I can’t find a weak point in this band’s lineup, since all musicians contribute their skills to the album in equal amounts.


Enough praises and now down to the music: this release consists of 10 songs and they start with a blast since their first one. The songs showcase a mixture of progressive death metal, with trash and even some black metal influences. There are plenty of guitar solos throughout the album, and they are carefully layered on the top of great bass guitar lines and a highly complex drum line. The growls fit the music perfectly by providing their aggressive sound to the fast-paced music.

The mixture of slow parts with hectic progressions make every song different and in overall a very entertaining album to listen. This album never has a dull moment and I was surprised that the album does not sound repetitive or anything and I can listen to it completely several times in a day and not be bored by it.

Very recommendable release by this great German band which I’m looking forward to see live in their US tour in the next few months.

Band: Obscura Album: Cosmogenesis
Label: Relapse Year: 2009
Official Site
Genre: Progressive/Melodic Death Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 95/100

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