Darzamat – Solfernus Path (2009)


I can always count on Darzamat to produce a high quality album that is very, if not totally, different from their previous one. This is a feature that I like about Darzamat but unfortunately some critics do not, and they trash the band’s releases.

“Solfernus Path” marks this Polish band fifth full length, while the band started more in the style of Symphonic Black Metal, they have now switched around to Dark/Gothic Metal, but without loosing their aggressiveness and power that the band had in their earlier days.

Featuring 10 tracks this album is short in duration since it only goes on for about 40 minutes or so, but at least this 40 minutes are a very interesting ride throughout a concept album that will surely please most of the band’s fans.

One of the main things I like about this album is the overall vocal arrangements are pretty good and diverse making the whole listeners journey a very interesting and this album never gets boring or dull. The keyboards are the second layer that provides an edge to the band’s music and gives the album the overall atmospheric feel. The drumming and guitar work is pretty standard but very solid and it perfectly fit the overall song writing.

In my opinion Darzamat is a very good band, and it’s always worthwhile to listen to their albums since their sound is constantly changing and producing some very interesting songs along the way.

With “Solfernus Path” the band has probably released their finest album since “In The Flames of Black Art”. I strongly recommend this album to anybody that is looking for a very original band, but still wants their music to be dark, melodic and heavy.

Band: Darzamat Album: Solfernus Path
Label: Massacre Records

Release: August 28th, 2009

Official Site myspace
Genre: Dark/Gothic Metal

Country: Poland

Rating: 87/100

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