Leaves’ Eyes – My Destiny (2009)


I was psyched when I received this CD on the mail, since I’ve been waiting for quite a while to get some new Leaves’ Eyes music. And let me tell you I was pretty shocked by the opening riff of the track “My Destiny” since I was not expecting it.

The riff is very commercial hard-rock /Metal in nature and I had that whole déjà vu feeling when Lacuna Coil went very commercial, however the song got a bit better and the rest of the album continues in the traditional Leaves’ Eyes fashion.

This six song EP features “My Destiny” and “Northbound” from their upcoming “Njord” album, and an extra 4 non-album tracks, so it’s much more than just a single and it will keep people going until “Njord” gets released a week later. However, there is a remix of “My Destiny” and I usually consider this remix tracks as fillers.

After the initial shock of “My Destiny” the EP continues with the song “The Battle Of Maldon” which showcases Leaves’ Eyes more traditional style and shows that they are back with brilliant song writing and amazing melodies. “Scarborough Fair” is a great folk style song that provides great variety to the EP.

“Northbound” is the second of the 2 album songs and it’s very different than “My Destiny” (read less commercially sounding), if all of the new album will sound in the same style as this song I can say that I will completely like it since it showcases the dynamism of the band in creating very melodic songs showcasing Liv’s beautiful voice.

Overall “My Destiny” is a good EP and a great value since you get tracks that will not be featured on the new album, so you better get this one in order to be prepared for “Njord” coming out a week after this EP hits the shelves in the USA.

Band: Leaves’ Eyes Album: My Destiny
Label: Napalm Records

Release: September 22, 2009

Official Site myspace
Genre: Gothic Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 86/100

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