A Forest Of Stars – The Corpse Of Rebirth (2008)


A Forest Of Stars is one of those bands that is trying to push the barriers of music, by creating a very interesting sounding mix of different elements with Black Metal.

This British quartet features Katie Stone (ex My Dying Bride) as the ‘Queen Of Ghost’ and other equally interestingly named characters: Mr. Curse, The Gentleman and Mr T.S. Kettleburner.

The band’s music foundation is raw ambient-like Black Metal, but what makes the band so different from others, is the use of Violins, Flutes, Synths and female vocals. The haunting combination of these elements creates an un-paralleled atmosphere that will take the listener into a magical journey.

“The Corpse Of Rebirth” features five tracks clocking around one hour of haunting music. Kicking of the album is “God” a track that will induce you into the journey you are about to take, the simple guitar riff with the combination of the violin create the perfect opening for the album.

Some of the songs feature Doomy guitar riffs giving a slower pace to the music and adding extra depth to the band’s sound. The constant use of violins in the album is one of my favorite elements of this release, and it makes the band sound like no other.

The combination of tormented male vocals with ethereal female vocals sounds great in this release and tells the story that the band is trying to tell with their lyrics. The overall song writing is very complex and all the songs feature many different layers that will have you re-examining this album and discovering different elements. The album also features a very interesting instrumental song “Earth and Matter” that just adds more brilliance to this release.

Overall A Forest Of Stars is a very interesting band both musically and lyrically and I’ll be waiting impatiently for their next release.

Band: A Forest Of Stars Album: The Corpse Of Rebirth
Label: Trascendental Creations

Release: 2008

Official Site myspace
Genre: Avant-garde Black Metal

Country: England

Rating: 89/100

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