Migdal Bavel – De Magia Veterum (2009)


If you are in the search for an album that will attack your ears mercilessly until they bleed, you are in the right place ”De Magia Verterum” features 10 tracks of very brutal and raw Black Metal.

This album comes very close to “The Codex Necro” of Anaal Nathrakh in terms of aural insanity. Migdal Bavel have managed to release something that will make you want to check yourself into a mental home after listening to it for a few times.

The band excels at creating whirlwind BM guitar melodies and creating a very raw sound that is both bone chilling and perfect for this type of ‘extreme’ BM. The ‘band’ only has one member and he is responsible for one of the most deranged albums I’ve heard this year. The overall vocal work is very distorted and insane sounding, just adding another layer to the insanity.

The drum track seems to be either programmed or has some effects factored into the final mix, but it sounds very brutal and interesting. All first nine tracks sound very similar in nature, however on track 10 Migdal Bavel introduces a keyboard melody that is later joined by a guitar riff that takes this whole song to a completely different dimension, and for some reason it creeps me out because of the way it’s mixed into the whole album.

Canadian based Trascendential Creations must receive my props for releasing this collection of brutal hymns. While many labels focus on releasing ‘safe’ sounding albums, is good that there are still labels out there that want to release stuff like this that is not suitable for all the masses.

I will stop talking about this album now, and urge you to discover it by yourself, if you like brutal and insane stuff you will not be disappointed by ”De Magia Verterum”

Band: Migdal Bavel Album: De Magia Veterum
Label: Trascendental Creations

Release: June 2009

Official Site myspace
Genre: Raw Black Metal

Country: Netherlands

Rating: 84/100

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