Autumnblaze – Perdition Diaries (2009)


After Autumnblaze disbanded in 2006 I was pretty disappointed that I would never get to listen to another album from this band, but for my luck they got back together in 2008, and featuring Eldron, Arisjel and Schwadorf the band wrote and recorded “Perdition Diaries”.

“Perdition Diaries” takes us back a bit to the older and more aggressive material the band wrote for their first album “DämmerElbenTragödie”. However the band still keeps their melancholic sound of latter releases perfectly. This album is more of a nice mixture of the bands previous musical efforts blended in together with new ideas.

Like an extremely ‘bipolar’ album, this album features very interesting tracks that range from almost Black/Death Metal songs to more melodic and depressive rock like tunes showcasing most of Autumnblaze’s previous sound. But in general this album is dark and heavy, another true gem for a very enigmatic band that keeps me wanting for more every time I listen to their albums.

The guitar work courtesy of Schwadorf is nothing below stellar, creating a wide variety of moods and still sounding as heavy and distorted as always. And it’s perfectly overlaid on top of a persistent bass line and very well executed drums.

Eldron provides another very solid vocal performance, delivering every song with extreme emotion and the aggressiveness needed. The only issue that I have with the albums is that is too short and it flies away so fast, but is easily remedied by just playing it over again.

Overall “Perdition Diaries” is another masterpiece from Autumnblaze, hopefully the keep releasing albums of such stature and quality for years to come. I for one, will be waiting until the next release of the band, or of the other band’s that the members participate in, since all of their projects have the same quality.

Band: Autumnblaze Album: Perdition Diaries
Label: Prophecy Productions

Release: June 12, 2009

Official Site myspace
Genre: Depressive Rock / Melodic Black/Death Metal

Country: Germnay

Rating: 90/100

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