Susperia – Attitude (2009)


Susperia has come a long way since their earlier days of being a Black Metal band, then shifting to some kind of Black/Trash Metal, and now they are 100% modern Trash Metal.

“Attitude” is the fifth album for this Norwegian band that features Cyrus and Memnock both ex-Old Mans Child and and Tjodalv ex-Dimmu Borgir. Boasting this impressive lineup the band’s sound transformation top it’s current state has been pretty interesting and hard to understand for some people, specially for the fans of their harder earlier stuff.

Getting back on the music, I like how Susperia sometimes shifts a bit away from their Trash Metal sound, making their music and interesting thing to listen since they are great at doing this giving the band a more dynamic sound.

One of the best things about “Attitude” is how the super tight drumming merges almost to perfection with the bass guitar making it sound at some points like 2 drum bassists. All guitar riffs are very catchy and crunchy, complementing the drumming to perfection.

The band’s superb songwriting abilities are showcased to perfection in this album since they provide 8 tracks that sound very different from each other and that feature some experimentation here and there (like in “Mr Stranger”) that keeps their sound fresh and never boring for the listener.

Athera’s vocals are pretty good providing enough variety in this album, they fit all songs to perfection, and his changes between melodic clean vocals to more powerful vocals are one the best I’ve heard. The guest appearances of Shagrath and Chuck Billy in this album just add more icing to this perfectly sounding cake.

“Attitude” is one of the best Trash Metal releases that I’ve heard this year. In this album Susperia shows why they are one of the premier Metal bands from Norway, and hopefully they keep releasing albums of this caliber.

Band: Susperia Album: Attitude
Label: Candlelight Records USA

Release: May 19, 2009

Official Site myspace
Genre: Trash Metal

Country: Norway

Rating: 84/100

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