Havok – Burn (2009)


When I first looked at the cover (and the logo) I thought it was pretty odd that looked like the from the 80’s Metal releases. And to my surprise the band sounds exactly like the Trash Music of those days.

While I don’t have anything against old Trash Metal this released seemed a bit out of place for the current evolution of Trash Metal or anything that I’ve heard recently. However “Burn” is a great album that allows us to remember the old glory days of Trash Metal, all 12 tracks are infused with the feeling and sound that Trash Metal music had in those days.

Havok is a 3 man band from Denver, Colorado and from their promo pictures the band members look pretty young, which is very weird that they are attracted to be playing old school Trash Metal, that being said, these guys kick ass at playing this genre.

“Burn” features twelve tracks of amazing Trash, something I haven’t heard in quite a while, since all bands playing this genre have more modern influences than a traditional sound. The guitar riffs are very good, powerful, and diverse enough to carry all songs without having them sounding alike and getting to be boring. The guitar solos here and there are something that is traditional of old school bands in the genre and are executed to perfection and timed gracefully.

The drumming lays the perfect foundation for the whole music to come together, speeding up and slowing down when required giving this band good versatility in their music. The vocals are very good and they sound exactly like the old school bands did.

In general “Burn” is a pretty solid album that will bring back all those nostalgic memories of the old days of Trash Metal. I highly recommend all fans of the genre to get this release and catch the band live, since from I can see from their videos on YouTube they take the whole 80’s feeling to another level in their live performances.

Band: Havok Album: Burn
Label: Candlelight Records USA

Release: May 5, 2009

Official Site myspace
Genre: Trash Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 88/100

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