Varaha – Varaha (2017)


With the considerable amount of albums that we receive for review each month, it is quite hard for one of them to standout as much as Varaha’s self-titled EP did. Featuring 15 minutes of uniquely blended Post-Rock/Doom/Gothic Rock influences into a highly atmospheric canvas, the band crafts three lush tracks that leave the listener wanting a lot more.

Opening with the melodramatic riffs of “Cubicle”, we are instantly impressed as the song weaves back and forth between Doom and Post-Rock elements while delivering killer clean vocal sections by Fabio Brienza. Once you feel that you have the band pegged down, they switch the script as the clean vocals turn into blistering shrieks while the intensity of the drumming and riffing picks up. All of this magic happens… on the first track.

After a slow transition with the instrumental “La Mela”, things get darker and gloomier with the mellow “Ghost”. This track we are reminded of bands like My Dying Bride but with a livelier Post-Metal/Rock-ish edge. There is a certain magic to the way the band transitions from Anathema-esque passages into highly aggressive onslaughts that still remain very atmospheric and mellow.

As a whole, this self-titled EP showcases the multiple talents behind Varaha in a very effective and direct way. If you are a fan of melancholic and atmospheric music, this is certainly one band to keep an eye out from. This release is highly recommended for fans of bands that range from Ghost Bath all the way to Anathema.

Band: Varaha Album: Varaha

Label: Unsigned

Release: February 3rd, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Doom/Post-Metal/Post-Rock

Country: USA

Rating: 90/100

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