Kalloused – Damn You Believer (2016)


Perfectly delivering just the right amount of distortion to burst your speakers, today we have Kalloused and their debut release “Damn You Believer”. Featuring over 25 minutes of an intense mixture of Sludge, Doom and Post-Metal, this band delivers a good dosage of pummeling riffs that will make your ears ring for a few days. If you like bands like Neurosis and Amenra, this should be right around your alley.

Opening with the mysterious momentum builder “Pt. 1”, we are slowly introduced into the band’s world of ripping guitar riffs and punishing bass guitar lines as the track progresses. Settling more into their own sound, “Pt. 2” showcases a powerful band that perfectly times their vocal assaults around their imposing wall of sound. Not breaking much out of character, “Pt. 3” continues the onslaught with some cool opening drum patterns and a very chaotic vibe to start off one of their most aggressive and diverse pieces.

Things get more interesting with the funky “Pt. 4”, a track that allows the listener for a short breather before delivering more waves of punishing guitars and hellish screams. The band perfectly allows the listener to escape for a few minutes with percussions and slower sections, but instantly draws them back to their sound with big and thick distorted guitars. After closing with the bleak ending of “Pt. 6” we are perfectly satisfied with such a powerful performance is such a short time. This band is primed to be one of the favorites of lovers of the genre and this EP release puts them one step closer to their audience.

Band: Kalloused Album: Damn You Believer

Label: Third-I-Rex

Release: October 16th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Sludge / Doom / Post-Metal

Country: UK

Rating: 86/100

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