Paria – Knochenkamp (2016)


Closing 2016 and very appropriately set for release on Christmas day, today we have Black Metal outfit Paria and their devastating EP titled “Knochenkamp”. Delivering 28 minutes of punishing Black Metal, the band combines incisive riffs with hellish vocals to create a very foul and demoralizing atmosphere that submits the listener from beginning to end.

After a drone-ish eerie intro, the band lashes at the listener with the piercing rifing of “Pergamentikkch Nemesis”. A very interesting thing in this track is the funky bass guitar line that instantly gets under your skin and allows the music to be psychedelic and weirder in nature. The mixture of screams reminds us at times of early Bethlehem. The band’s sound is raw and uncompromising as you can hear in the all-out war anthem “So Far From the Hidden God”, a track that will haunt your dreams.

Our favorite track is the crushing “Cyclikkch Ovogenesis” and its killer combination of melodic and hyper-fast sections, which are perfect for some epic headbanging moments. Closing the release we have a cover of Bathory’s “Call from the Grave” featuring some interesting wails from the band’s vocalist Panzerdaemon mixed with pummeling riffs.

Overall, “Knochenkamp” showcases a very powerful Black Metal band that is ready for world domination. The band’s music is quite oppressive and expertly crafted to evoke feelings of discomfort to the listener. If you are a BM fan that likes your music to be raw, creative and demoralizing, look no further and get a copy of this little gem.

Band: Paria Album: Knochenkamp

Label: W.T.C. Productions

Release: December 25th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Black Metal

Country: France

Rating: 91/100

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