Crimson Moon – Oneiroaut (2016)


After more than 10 years since their last full-length release, we finally have Crimson Moon back with their latest opus “Oneiroaut”. Delivering six crafty Black Metal hymns, this release is rare gem in a world filled with BM albums that all sound the same. Mixing creepy atmospheric elements with a retro-sounding Black Metal foundation, Scorpios Androctonus and company deliver one of the creepiest and most effective albums in 2016.

Opening with the blistering “Gossamer of Arachne”, the band sets a high standard in terms of viciousness and intensity. The riffing is quite punishing and the drumming is pretty hectic, but the best part is the eerie atmospheric sections filled with creepy vocals and a very ritualistic vibe. The same raw viciousness is greatly present in killer tracks like “Molding of a Spell” and the brutal “Seeker of the 7th Gate”. Both songs remind us of ‘old-school’ Black Metal like Absu, Lord Belial, and earlier Enthroned.

The track “Weaver of the Web” is one of our personal favorites thanks to the creepy melodic vibe perfectly crafted via catchy riffs and dreamy keyboards. With a feeling of heading into an epic battle, the pummeling “Urilian Worm” delivers tons of headbanging moments perfectly offset by hellish atmospheric passages. Closing with the Middle Eastern inspired album title track, we are treated to a very unique 18 minute piece which shows a more experimental side of the band while claiming the title of the best song in this album.

Constantly releasing some of the best Black Metal albums, W.T.C Productions have managed to once again unleash another landmark release for the genre with “Oneiroaut”. If you like Black Metal that has a certain ‘old-school’ vibe in terms of the vocals and riffing, as well as it combines heavy atmospheric elements to create eerie moments, look no further and pickup this excellent release by Crimson Moon.

Band: Crimson Moon Album: Oneiroaut

Label: W.T.C. Productions

Release: December 6th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Black Metal

Country: USA/Germany

Rating: 93/100

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