Lost Opera – Hidden Sides (2016)


Hailing from Normandy, today we have newcomer Symphonic/Gothic Metal outfit Lost Opera and their sophomore release “Hidden Sides”. In a world filled with Female-led Symphonic Metal bands, it is quite surprising and even rare to hear a band rely mostly on male vocals in the genre. Delivering over 55 minutes of music, this release is quite engaging and fun, perfectly appealing to all fans of the genre that are looking for something a little different.

After the traditional intro, the album blows wide open with the pummeling riffs of “Today I Cry”. This track starts off quite heavy and is perfectly contrasted by engaging keyboards and a mixture of growls and clean vocals. The band’s vocalist Loïc Conti, does a pretty solid job in mixing growls with clean vocals, allowing the songs to be diverse and engaging as we can hear on “Follow the Signs” and “Rage”.

We particularly enjoy tracks like “Betrayal”, where the band has a certain Power Metal-esque edge, keeping things fresh and entertaining. For those of you looking for vocal duets, “The Lonely Wolf” features female vocals as the band was trying to expand their range and further complement their sound. The musical arrangements are quite solid, fully immersing the listener into the groove of the album, as the instrumental “The Sinner” and the dramatic “May I?” allow the listener to explore the band’s musical world.

The album closes very strongly with the melancholic “My Silent Hill” and the lush choir arrangements of “The Weight of the Cross”. The band constantly showcases their songwriting abilities throughout this release, perfectly crafting very elaborate and engaging songs that perfectly entice the listener. If you like Symphonic/Gothic Metal and are looking for a new band to enjoy, look no further and pick up Lost Opera’s “Hidden Sides”.

Band: Lost Opera Album: Hidden Sides

Label: Dooweet Records

Release: October 14th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Symphonic/Gothic Metal

Country: France

Rating: 86/100

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