Dead to a Dying World – Live at Roadburn 2016 (2016)


Perfectly capturing an epic performance at the legendary Roadburn festival, today we have Dead to a Dying World’s “Live at Roadburn 2016”. Clocking in at nearly 60 minutes, this release brilliantly reflects the band’s live performances ferociousness. Paired with a very clear sound and mix, this release continues to hold the standards of the “Live at Roadburn” series of releases over the years.

The album instantly jumps at the listener with the intensity of “The Hunt Eternal”, a fierce track that features blistering riffs, mournful viola arrangements, and hellish male and female harsh vocals. After warming up with the 16-minute opening track, the band went into the moodier “Eventide”. This track has a certain My Dying Bride meets Elend vibe that we greatly enjoy and was perfectly transmitted live.

After two killer opening songs, the band further transports the room into their own world with the highly melancholic “Beneath the Loam”. In this track the tempo changes are amazing and create a very powerful atmosphere, while cultivating a certain feeling of uneasiness. The release closes with the mournful string instruments of “Narcissus”, a very diverse track that perfectly captures the band essence in under 15-minutes.

Overall, we were lucky enough to be in the crowd for this amazing show and the fidelity of the aural experience is very nicely captured by this live release. We can’t recommend this enough to all fans of Dead to a Dying World as the band sounds as tight live as they do in their studio recordings. If you are on the fence about making a pilgrimage to Roadburn, this is one release that could push you over to enjoy all its magic… in person.

Band: Dead to a Dying World Album: Live at Roadburn 2016

Label: Roadburn Records

Release: September 29th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Death/Black/Doom/Sludge Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 91/100

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