Dysemblem – Strength of Giants (2016)


Arriving from the UK, today we have new-comer(s) Dysemblem and their debut release “Strength of Giants”. With a pummeling old-school Death/Black Metal style, this outfit delivers 32 minutes of an action packed release that shows a great deal of promise and a hefty dosage of violence.

Opening with the relentless riffing of “Down the Chasm”, the band makes a big impression with such a punishing sound. The mixture of harsh growls and crafty drums makes for a very entertaining back-to-basics track. The Death Metal influences are key for making tracks like “Gourd of the Damned” very catchy while being superbly brutal. With a certain Swedish Death Metal edge to it, “Gloria Victis” is one of our favorite tracks as it reminds us a bit of old-school Grave and Centinex.

Keeping things quite intense, we get the punkish “Hypnopompic” and its blistering barrage of riffs and drums. The release gets a bit more sinister with the BM-inspired guitar work of “Dysemblem”, a very incisive instrumental track that will shake your core. The tide shift in the release is quite evident as “Skull Cult” features a heavier BM influence, remind us a bit of Canada’s Weapon and their sickening sound.

As the creepy “Cold Light of Justice” surrounds the listener with a thick shroud of mystery, we are totally digging this slower tempo which allows the music to be more dissonant and engaging. Perfectly rounding things up with the buzz saw-like guitars and punishing drums of “Death is Not”, Dysemblem has managed to get our full attention in this very diverse and entertaining debut release. If you like a mixture of old-school Death/Black Metal with influences ranging from Grave to Watain, be sure to pick up a copy of this killer release.

Band: Dysemblem Album: Strength of Giants

Label: Self-Released

Release: May 14th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Death/Black Metal

Country: UK

Rating: 87/100

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