Dysylumn – Chaos Primordial (2016)


France continues to surprise use by producing some of the most interesting Metal bands in the last 10 years. Dysylum continues this tradition by leveling our speakers with their dissonant Progressive mixture of Death and Black Metal with some Sludge elements in “Chaos Primordial”. Featuring 28 minutes of crushing music, this release creates a very thick atmospheric atmosphere that is perfect for a dark and gloomy day.

After the opening intro, the album title track delivers some mid-tempo oppressive Black Metal-ish riffs that suddenly morph back and forth into heavy Sludgy Death riffs. The vocals are quite harsh and perfectly fitting for such an oppressive sound. Things pick up with the ravaging onslaughts of “Œuf Cosmique”, filled with eerie growls and screams. The drumming intensifies for some parts, changing the pace and levels of brutality of this song accordingly.

Suffocating the listener, “Régénération” instantly delivers its poising with more BM riffs masked behind crafty drum patterns. The throbbing bass guitar line brilliantly adds to the overall wall of sound presented by the band. The screamed vocals at times remind us of Elend and those totally deranged screams that randomly appeared on their compositions.

As the outro track plays out, we are still captivated by the level of brutality this band is able to deliver in their own unique tempo and conditions. “Chaos Primordial” is a very oppressive release that while not being hyper fast or super slow, it manages to get under your skin. Thanks to Dysylum’s craftiness, the listener will definitely be impressed and engaged by such a well-crafted and suffocating release.

Band: Dysylumn Album: Chaos Primordial

Label: Egregor Records

Release: October 1st, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Death/Black Metal

Country: France

Rating: 87/100

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