Sign of the Evil – Black Throne of Blood (2015)


There is a certain magical rawness to South American Black Metal release that is missing from bands from other parts of the world. In this vein, today we have Peru’s Sign of the Evil and their crushing full-length debut “Black Throne of Blood”. Delivering over 30 minutes of blistering and ravaging Black Metal, this album perfectly balances rawness with a small dose of melody to keep things interesting and engaging.

After the atmospheric intro, the band delivers their first blow with the pummeling “Black Throne of Blood”. This track reminds us of bands like Avzhia and their primitive Black Metal rawness. The onslaughts continue with the brutality of “Demoniac War” and “Christian Blood for Satan”, both filled with tremolo picking guitar passages and hellish subhuman vocals.

The best track in this release has to be the crafty “The Night of Time”, which starts with a calmer tempo and a creepier demeanor. The furious riffing onslaughts are very well delivered and create a certain level of anxiety as the music progresses. What really got us in this track is near the 6 minute mark, the band’s guitar work completely changes styles, nicely puzzling the listener.

After closing the ‘regular’ album with another instrumental outro, the band provides two solid bonus tracks to complement the release. The first bonus track is a song from their demo titled “Cristus Desecrato”, which indeed shows an even rawer and more brutal version of Sign of the Evil. The other track is a pretty decent cover of Bathory’s “Man of Iron”. Overall, “Black Throne of Blood” is one hell of a release filled with vicious riffing and tight drumming. If you like South American Black Metal, this is one release you don’t want to miss.

Band: Sign of the Evil Album: Black Throne of Blood

Label: Infernal Arts Prod

Release: October 15th, 2015

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Peru

Rating: 89/100

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