Necromonkey – The Shadow of the Blind Man (2016)


Celebrating their East Coast tour, Experimental Swedish duo Necromonkey unleash upon the world their latest EP titled “The Shadows of the Blind Man”. Featuring three tracks that push the sonic boundaries of sanity, this outfit manage to deliver very unique music that will puzzle and amaze you at the same time.

Opening with the crazy titled “Kinky Panda”, the band crafts a very unique sort of improvisational experimental piece with odd percussions and quite disturbing vocals to kick off this short release. As the funkadelic string instruments lead the charge, the odd tempos and atmospheric elements make this track as weird as you can expect from Necromonkey.

The madness continues with the futuristic electronic elements of “Pocket Tribe”, which are perfectly contrasted by the melancholic clean vocals of guest Emanuel Lundgren. The playful nature of this track make it quite engaging and enjoyable, completely changing the pace and tempo established by the first song, even as the distortion takes over the vocals as the song progresses.

Closing with the peaceful instrumental, “Nyfiken Blod”, Necromonkey leaves us once more craving for more. While this is probably one of the oddest releases we have reviewed, it also provides much needed relief from the well-defined and vanilla albums we usually get. If you like weird and completely odd music, “The Shadow of the Blind Man” is the perfect introduction into this duo’s deranged musical world.

Band: Necromonkey Album: The Shadow of the Blind Man

Label: Self-Released

Release: October 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Experimental / Avant-garde

Country: Sweden

Rating: 88/100

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