Bahrrecht – L'aube glacée (2016)


Hailing from France, today we have Melodic Black Metal outfit Bahrrecht and their sophomore full-length release “L'aube glacée”. Originally started by Fëanor and Winterhalter (Alcest, Glaciation), this band unleashed their debut album back in 2011 and finally returns after a few line-up changes (Winterhalter has departed) with a very solid and engaging old-school sounding Melodic Black Metal opus. Filled with over 45 minutes of music, this album is both punishing and atmospheric enough to sound different and entertaining.

After the folky/atmospheric opener “Hommage à une foi perdue”, the band delivers their first blow with the crushing “Un orage éternel”. In this track the band often changes tempos while delivering waves of powerful Black Metal riffs and melodic solos. This level of intensity nicely continues in the playful “Le géant des neiges”, which reminds us of “Nemesis Divina”-era Satyricon, thanks to its atmospheric elements and overall pace.

Make no mistake; the band takes no prisoners with their hyper fast drumming and perfectly fitting shrieks, as we can excellently hear on “Le tombeau de ma mémoire”. This track also nicely introduces ethereal atmospheric elements which nicely border with the Pagan/Viking Metal territories. With a certain old-school vibe, tracks like “Dieux des bois” and “L'aube glacée” have that lo-fi sound mixed in with perfectly timed tempo changes and intricate bass guitar lines.

The album closes with the intensity of “La palingénésie de mon âme” and its multiple facets that go from all-out war to melodic masterpiece, perfectly resembling the whole nature of this release. Overall, “L'aube glacée” is one very intense and diverse release that should appeal to any Black Metal fan. While at some points a bit chaotic, this release is full of original ideas and unexpected tempo changes, greatly adding to its replay value. If you like craft and yet intense BM, this is one album you can’t miss.

Band: Bahrrecht Album: L'aube glacée

Label: Ketzer Records

Release: October 31st, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Black Metal

Country: France

Rating: 86/100

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