Fallujah + Between the Buried And Me + Devin Townsend Project - 10/05/2016 – The Regency - San Francisco, CA

Kicking off the post-summer touring cycle in the North America, this week we had a killer tour package with Technical Deathcore Northern California outfit Fallujah, Progressive Metal/Rock outfit Between the Buried and Me (BTBAM) and the legendary Devin Townsend. Having seen BTBAM back in December 2015, we are psyched to hear them play their epic “Coma Ecliptic” album in its entirety during this show. Fallujah delivered a very impressive album this 2016, and we are quite psyched to see if their complex sound translates live. The last time we saw Devin Townsend was with Strapping Young Lad quite a while ago, so we were very interested in hearing him now with his solo stuff.

After braving the Bay Area traffic and driving for almost 2 hours to cover 30 miles, we arrived just in time for Fallujah to take the stage. Having the opener slot gave the band around 45 minutes of play time and a very cramped up stage setup as their drum kit and keyboards were setup in front of BTBAM’s instruments. Being blown away by the band’s latest release “Dreamless”, the band’s live sound felt less tidy and sometimes quite saturated making the keyboards and some of the vocals be lost in the mix.

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The band had Tori Letzler come out and join them on stage for the female vocal parts in some of the songs, which was a great detail when you were able to actually hear her in the live mix.  Overall, the band’s live performance was quite engaging and had a good amount of people going crazy on the circle pit.

Amber Gaze
Scar Queen
Alone with You
Wind for Wings

The Void Alone

After their killer headlining show back in December, we were quite excited to hear the band play their latest album in its entirety. As soon as the lights dimmed you could hear a great roar from the crowd with the first few notes of “Node” coming to life.

With a killer stage presence, Tommy Giles gives one hell of a performance. The vocal changes are quite dramatic and insane, and yet they are brilliantly pulled off live. The twin guitar attacks are quite impressive to witness and pull off all the songs perfectly in this live show. For over 70 minutes we saw most people in the crowd go quite insane with the band. There were people nearly hypnotized by the band’s intensity, thanks to their musical proficiency and killer stage presence.

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The complete Coma Ecliptic album:

The Coma Machine
Dim Ignition
Famine Wolf
King Redeem / Queen Serene
Turn on the Darkness
The Ectopic Stroll
Rapid Calm
Memory Palace
Option Oblivion
Life in Velvet

Closing the night we had the legendary Devin Townsend playing over 75 minutes of his quite intricate and always surprising music. After dropping “Transcendence” earlier this year, Devin has been busy promoting this very exciting release. Playing three songs from this album along his usual mix of tracks, the crowd was pretty responsive to his antics and calls for them to cheer.

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One thing to note is that Devin is certainly a crowd pleaser with his on-stage awkwardness and how he makes the crowd relate to his stories. He was telling us that he took a day off the tour for his son’s birthday and he was now feeling sick and was a bit zonked out for the show.

Devin Townsend project setlist:

By Your Command
Where We Belong
Ziltoid Goes Home
March of the Poozers

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We like to thank the people over at Earsplit, Goldenvoice and The Regency Ballroom for making this coverage possible.

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