Hanging Garden – Hereafter (2016)


For fans of highly melancholic and atmospheric music, today we have Hanging Garden’s latest opus “Hereafter”. Perfectly continuing their musical journey into more Atmospheric Rock territories, this Finnish band has come a long way since their crushing Death/Doom Metal days. Featuring 21 minutes divided in five tracks, this release delivers highly melancholic music filled with great guest vocal appearances, perfect for any fans of the band or highly atmospheric music.

Opening with the heavy riffs of “Penumbra”, the band complements the clean vocals of Toni Toivonen with the crushing growls of guest singer Mikko Kotamäki (Swallow the Sun). This track is quite melodic and yet delivers some crushing riffs and heavy moments. Continuing with the heaviness, “Sirkle of Onan” keeps things heavy thanks to a firm pace and Victor Wegeborn’s Post-Metal styled vocals.

Things officially get more experimental with the dreamy “Hereafter”, a song that is more aligned with the band’s latest efforts. This piece is quite soothing thanks to the great mix of male and female clean vocals and the bleak percussions. “Where the Tides Collide” see growler Alexander Högbom (Centinex, October Tide) guest appear in this very Anathema-esque piece. The Rock-nature of this track makes the vocoder-processed clean vocals even more engaging and amusing.

Closing with the mellowness of “Towards the Sun”, the band creates a very hypnotic track that is quite mellow and perfectly delivers lush guitars and excellent vocal arrangements. Overall, Hanging Garden delivers a great EP release filled with excellent songs and guest appearances. If you like atmospheric music that is both melancholic and creative, look no further and get a copy of “Hereafter”.

Band: Hanging Garden Album: Hereafter

Label: LifeForce Records

Release: October 7th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Atmospheric/Melodic Metal/Rock

Country: Finland

Rating: 90/100

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