Heaven Grey – Manuscriptum (2016)


Six years after their brilliant sophomore release “Falling Mist”, today we have Heaven Grey’s latest opus “Manuscriptum”. As one of the hidden Baltic gems of Gothic/Doom Metal bands (Frailty is another one), the band delivers nine excellent tracks of melancholic music which show the band’s musical evolution over the years.

Opening with the dramatic atmospheric intro of “Insomnia”, the band nicely settles with some melancholic riffs and very well crafted tempo changes. This track perfectly sets a very mellow and depressive mood that is nicely enhanced by the excellent clean vocals of the band’s new singer Artūrs Fishers. Mixing clean and harsh vocal styles, tracks like “Drown in My Shade” and “Sirds Balss” showcase a perfect balance and great complementarity between the styles.

Dramatic instrumental arrangements, like the opening of “Theatre of Shadows” and “Manuscriptum”, are some of the elements which make Heaven Grey standout from the rest as their style is quite unique and very engaging. One of our favorite tracks is the Goth-inspired “I Belong to the Dead” and its very prominent keyboard arrangements perfectly paired with a hearty pace. The band’s new members, since their last release, greatly contribute to the music, making it more dynamic and engaging.

Tracks like “When the Mist Falls” greatly showcase their excellent guitar skills with solid leads and melodic arrangements, courtesy of Vjačeslavs Nikitin and Vladimir Beluga. Closing with the lush “Egoist” we are left very impressed with “Manuscriptum” and how has the band evolved over the years. As one of the premier Baltic Gothic/Doom Metal bands, Heaven Grey delivers very dramatic and engaging music, keeping the listener headbanging and engaged from start to finish.

Band: Heaven Grey Album: Manuscriptum

Label: Via Nocturna

Release: May 29th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Gothic/Doom Metal

Country: Latvia

Rating: 90/100

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